About Me

I'm Patrick, or "Pa" in short.

I'm a lifestyle and travel photographer and videographer based in Cologne, Germany. I was born and raised in the Ireland. Here I learned the value of the countryside, culture and the outdoors. I also developed a love for good storytelling and I've taken this with me ever since.

I've since lived abroad in Portugal and now, Germany. I've also been lucky enough to travel to many other countries around the world. One of my biggest inspirations for this has been my camera. I've used it observe the culture of each place I've visited. With the hope of finding some stories of my own to tell.

The goal of this website is the showcase some of these stories through my portfolio. But I also want to write some new ones in the journal section. A big goal of mine over the coming months is to improve my writing skills. So with that in mind, I plan to add lots of blogs including travel tips, guides and more.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any messages or feedback. I hope you enjoy!

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