Calendar Coffee

A typical day at the roastery with Calendar Coffee, a coffee company based in Galway Ireland.

Calendar Coffee roast seasonal coffee. Following the harvest calendar, the coffees and origins they work with are always changing, depending on which countries are harvesting and the coffees that taste best. By sourcing just the right amount to meet seasonal demand, they are able to build a diverse range that is sweet and full of flavour all year round.

Surf Cascais Maldives

2019 was the second official Surf Cascais Maldives surf trip, and what a trip it was! 10 days on a boat in paradise, amazing waves, crystal clear water and so many fun memories shared with a wonderful group of people.

Surf Cascais Portugal

A compilation of 2019 at the Surf Villa of Surf Cascais in the best and most memorable moments of the staff, guests and everybody else within the Surf Cascais family.